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Quail Husbandry

Learn actionable solutions and tools for hatching, raising & harvesting quail.


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Egg-citing Country Cooking 

Master new recipes and baking skills along with an experienced country cook. Learn: Sourdough, sauerkraut, sausage, jerky cheesemaking, bacon & ham, & more! 

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Chicken Agility and Trick Training

Learn how to amaze your friends while having a great time with your hen (or rooster!). We will customize the training for you and your feathered friend.

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Pooches & Poultry

This course is designed to teach your dog how to protect-not harm your birds. They can learn to be gentle! Let's take the stress out of the mix and have them work together. Here are two of our dogs "babysitting" while I clean the brooder. The border collie had killed a hen a few months before.  Here's proof, with the right training, they can do it!
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"We had a great time making 8 kinds of cheese with Nancy. Now I can do it at home on my own and save money! I'm taking pasta making next." 

-Marsha A.

"Terena's trick training course was a hoot. Rambo and I were a hit at the Christmas party!"

-Clark Z.

"Thanks to Terena's class, I have the confidence to harvest my own birds. Love having organic quail that I grew myself."

-Sherri M.