Riverkist Magnificent Birds



Coturnix Quail

    • Quiet
    • Need less space
    • Legal-even in apartments
    • Mature quickly (7 weeks!)
    • Delicious & abundant eggs
    • Cute and friendly
    • Hatch fast (18 days)
    • Sustainable protein source
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We have Celedon that lay 90%+ blue eggs
Jumbo Texas A&M for excellent meat production and larger eggs
Original Coturnix with beautiful colors. Great for sportsman, egg production, and roasting.


  • Great alarm system
  • Show quality
  • Hand raised to be calm and gentle
  • Excellent meat production
  • Good egg layers
  • Great weeders too
  • Sebastopol are the quietest geese ever

Our gaggle includes American Buff & Sebastopols "Russian Ballerinas" 

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  • Fresh eggs- very convenient
  • Some Show Quality birds
  • Calm fun, friendly and entertaining
  • Some are dual purpose for meat & eggs
  • They can hatch chicks to increase your flock
  • Great bug catchers
  • Great kitchen scrap recycling
  • Manure for wonderful fertilizer
  • Fabulous Feathers for crafts, fly tying and extra income


     We have 10 different breeds!

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  • Magnificent coloring
  • Show quality
  • Feather are much sought after by artists
  • Good egg layers
  • Exquisite meat (the food of KINGS!)
  • Delightful to watch and enjoy

 Our pheasants are:

  • Jumbo Ring Neck

  • Melanistic. 

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These are amazing birds! 7 weeks to fresh eggs or meat on your table!  See what we have for you.

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We fell in love with these breath taking birds! You can't help it! You will want to see them and learn more!

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We love all 12 breeds we keep & you will too! Check them out and see why!

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Knock your socks off gorgeous birds. Guaranteed Healthy. Check them out!

Guinea Fowl

With out tearing up your plants these alien creatures swiftly clear out all slugs, earwigs, flys, ticks, spiders and ALL crawling destroyers from your garden, orchard or field. At the same time they will alert you to intruders! They do double duty and keep you laughing while they work. An essential addition to every homestead, farm or ranch!

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